A downloadable game for Windows

Kyru is our first game at Unlucky Cat Studio outside of a game jam.

It's been almost 6 months of development in our first year at college and this project is what we managed to develop, we really hope you like it!

The story starts on the top of a mountain. There, in a small wood cabin, live Dave and Kyru. Dave is a brave kid with a lot of imagination, and Kyru’s his dog and best friend since always.

One sad day, Kyru disappears and Dave marches decided to find him. This is the adventure that will face the player. Throughout the game, Dave will have to defeat several enemies and pass some puzzles in order to get where they hid Kyru and bring him back safe and sound.

Install instructions

Thanks for downloading our game!

Just unzip the compressed file and hit the exe!

We hope you like it :)

pd: known bug — if after hitting "Play", nothing happens, restart the game, if still nothing happens, press the play button while holding the left Control in the keyboard.


Kyru.zip 380 MB

Development log


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Unfortunately I could not get the game to run even with many restarts but I was able to access the pause menu so I can give some feedback on that.

I like the layout of the menu as it is very clear and uses some great HCI techniques.

I would suggest implementing some feedback when the graphics settings are applied as at the moment it is not clear that the options have been saved. Also if the player forgets to press apply before leaving the menu there is no prompt to ask them if they wish to keep their changes so they are lost. I don't know if it is a bug but there are no sounds in as part of the menu or background music. Having this would add an extra layer of feedback.

The video of the game looks great though and I would like to play it if it would run. Hope this helped somewhat.

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Thanks for at least trying to play!

We known there are some areas within the game and the interface that could be highly improved, but it's not likely to happen, this is a college project and now that we ended our classes its development is gonna be paused indefinetly. But still your feedback is great for our future projects :D

However, we are totally looking forward to resolve the issue that stops the game from running for certain people, like you.

Please, could you tell us your specs?

Thanks again!

pd: also, no, there is no sound in the game... :( we just didn't have the time to put it in. We might solve that in the near future, though,

Yeah I know how it can be with college projects. 

The game does not load on my laptop, the spec of which is:

CPU: A10-9600P (4C, 6G)

Ram: 8GB

Storage: 1TB 5400RPM HDD

Display: 1366*768

Holding control did not solve the issue for me.

The game did run on my desktop, the spec of which is:

GPU: GTX1060 3GB

CPU: intel i5 4440

Ram: 16GB

Storage: 2* 256GB SSD in Raid 0

Display: 1080p

The game did run but it dropped to 2 frames and ran there consistently regardless of the settings or resolution. This happened many times throughout the level.  Throughout the level the fps was extremely erratic varying from 20 - 80 . To me this suggests an optimization issue as it should run much faster on my hardware. This may be what is causing the game to have issues running.

The character looks really good and the animations are fluid. The bones rolling is also very cool although if all those objects are present on the enemy normally then that will give a big performance hit. Having the camera inverted for looking up and down is confusing to use and you can see through the floor if you move the camera.

Well, your laptop isn't running the game because of the hardware but we are not really sure of the min specs needed. Obviously on your PC it should really work, and we are aware of the varying framerates (which are probably caused by the amount of pieces rolling and such), but optimization is hard and we tried our best within our deadlines.

The camera going through things is something we wanted to fix, but again our time was limited.  Anyways, you can invert the camera axis in the pause menu ( Options->Controls ).

Again thanks for your feedback!